Best Weight Loss Diet

Being slim and staying fit is now become trend and everyone is in the rush to lose weight but the problem is that we do not have sufficient time in hand to do so. So how do we overcome this problem?

Dieting? Well when I say dieting it doesn’t really mean to hold on every tasty food and starve but dieting means to cut down some unhealthy food and replace them with good food stuffs that help you to reduce your weight and cut down those extra fats you have always desired of.


How to lose Weight at Home

Yet you need not do this a tough way and can any day choose to do it with a tasty way and just make sure you are having positive vibes about it, there are times that we fail to see the brighter side of it and go with the flow but I am sure the food stuffs and diets mentioned in this article will have a good outcome on you and you will notice it in no time.

  • Pears – Well we did not know about this great food which reduce weight until now, having pears is so good for your body and to reduce weight that you will be able to see results sooner, pear consists of a lot of fiber which helps to reduce and burn fat and digest food faster.

Pear contains a lot of pectin fiber which reduces the blood sugar level, according to a study conducted in brazil the weight loss was noticed as and when the women consumed 3 average sized pears a day, they could even go for apple as apple has sort of a similar feature but slightly lesser than pears.

  • Eggs – Many of us love to start our day with eggs, I mean breakfast but are we doing it properly? Well eggs contain a lot of proteins and help you to lose weight instantly as you feel full for comparatively longer time and chances are you eat less than half of your actual diet so it kind of helps you to diet without even knowing.


According to a study conducted eggs have worked in their favor, but one should make sure it is a boiled egg though you can have it with toast. But boiled eggs are more preferred than omlet.

  • Lean Beef – who did ever think that meat could help us to reduce weight? Lean beef consists of Amino acid leucine and this is found in fish too and even in dairy products, according to a study having beef of about 9 to 10 ounces can help you to reduce 1700 calories and it mostly helps you reduce more weight for women.

They even make you feel so full that you cut down on your actual diet and tend to lose even more calories.

Weight Loss Techniques to Follow

  • Whole wheat grain – One must make sure that they are into intake of whole wheat grain and not the white wheat flour known as maida in Hindi, it is hard to digest whereas whole wheat grain is easy to digest and makes you feel full easily so you develop a tendency to eat lesser in comparison.  Grains like oats consist of beta glucans which are fibrous and help you to boost the metabolism of your body and this helps to reduce weight.
  • Apple cider Vinegar – One of the most common but yet effective and best way to reduce weight is consuming apple cider vinegar. One can dilute it in warm water and have it empty stomach, consuming it with your daily diet can help you to reduce about 200 to 300 calories a day and many studies have been conducted on this and have been in favor of it, that consuming apple cider vinegar can help you to reduce about 2 to 3 hundred pounds which is about 2 kgs  it also helps to control your blood sugar level which helps you to manage your diabetes.
  • Green Tea– Green Tea is one of the most beneficial beverage as it contains ingredients which help you to boosts the metabolism which ultimately losses weight and in a study the researchers discovered that the men who consumed green day for 30 long days lost a lot of weight and had a good control on their cholesterol, so you could start your day with green tea and replace it with other beverages like coffee and tea.
  • Salad – Many of us love salad and they are beneficial too, one can replace their dinner with salad or try to make your dinner a larger portion of salad. Salads are easy to digest and consist of negligible fats, you even fill full and since they are even fibrous you can lose weight instantly. So add salads to your diet, you can add veggies like carrot, onion, beet, broccoli and sprinkle some of olive oil over it. You can make your type of salad and add things and veggies you like.
  • Replace rice with brown rice – Rice is a very important part of our daily meals now, you need not get rid of it if you want to reduce weight, you can just replace it with brown rice they are easy to digest and are helpful in boosting your metabolic rate which helps your body to cut down of some extra unwanted weight, especially around your tummy area.

So these were the diet plans one should add in your diet and make your diet healthy, adding these to your food and developing your daily diet is a must to see change in yourself , you cannot expect to see outcome without having any change in your routine, these diets help you to reduce your weight irrespective of you not involving yourself into physical exercises or gym.

So you easily lose weight without any extra efforts of exercising by just following these simple diets mentioned above and make sure you do it regularly abrupt intake may not help you to see your outcomes of weight loss.

Thank you.

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